Donna Berdel

After living all over the world, Donna Berdel settled in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, where she spends her days writing and her nights reading or binge-watching the latest must-watch series. She hates the feeling of wet sand between her toes, which is ironic since she loves walking with her husband and dog along the beach. Her two cats were not amused by her attempts at leash training, so now she sleeps with one eye open.

Growing up, Donna read a lot of spooky books. She once went almost an entire year in elementary school sleeping with a clove of garlic under her pillow just in case vampires were real. As an adult, she channels that overactive imagination into stories set in the real world and filled with paranormal entities like werewolves and the fae. She writes sassy heroines who rise to the challenge whether it involves midlife or magic, fantastical creatures of all types, and slow-burn romances that often feature redemption arcs.

Donna will be forever grateful to Mary Stone Publishing for taking her in as a fledgling writer. Since that day, she’s co-authored over fifteen crime fiction books with Mary. Donna is ready to branch out and explore her lifelong love of fantasy and paranormal worlds. Killers will continue to play big roles in her books. It’s just that now, some of them will have fangs.