Time to read…Winterblade (Midlife Trials Book 4)

In the battle between humans and the ancient fae, who will survive?

Cassidy Wright and her closest friends escaped the last round of deadly Winterfest games by the skin of their teeth, fleeing into a blizzard with two pieces of the magical sword. They’re safe…but for how long?

Time to read…Winterhunt (Midlife Trials Book 3)

As the ancient fae assemble for the third deadly game, the stakes have never been higher.

Cassidy Wright remembers arriving in Silvery Pines, Colorado, to pack up the cabin her birth mother left her, staying on to compete in the Winterfest Games, and, of course, Roman, the gorgeous bartender at the Lodge where the games take place.

Winterfest (Midlife Trials Book 2) is Live on Amazon!

Winterfest, the second pulse-pounding installment in the Midlife Trials saga, plunges you deeper into a chilling world of treachery and magic. The stakes are higher, the games deadlier, and romance ignites under the most unlikely of circumstances. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey that will leave you breathless, craving the next deadly game.

Winterfest is now live on Amazon!

Time to read…Game of Vampires: Winterfest

In an alternate realm, a race of ancient fae gather and watch as their wicked games get underway…

Some people turn forty and splurge on a new haircut or dream vacation. Cassidy Wright kicks off her fourth decade on the planet by discovering that vampires exist, magic is real, and that she herself possesses an eerie ability to manipulate ice and snow.

Time to read…Game of Vampires: Winterball

When divorce hits you, sometimes you have no choice but to hit back harder.

Strap in for a gripping paranormal adventure. Because there’s a special magic to starting fresh at forty… And strong women learn to make it their own.

Cassidy had a happy husband, a happy kid, and a happy life. No skeletons in the closet, no monsters under the bed. Every day was as easy as that.