Cherished readers,

Let the games begin!

I am thrilled beyond words to let you know that the very first book of many in my Wicked Fae Games Series, Game of Vampires: Winterball, is now live on Amazon!

If you already made my day by pre-ordering, you can now check to see that Amazon fulfilled its guarantee to deliver the ebook to your reader.

If you didn’t pre-order, you can get your copy of Game of Vampires: Winterball right now.

Magic, monsters, and mayhem…oh, my!

Today is the Official Release Day for Game of Vampires: Winterball on Amazon!

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Centuries ago, humans waged a war with dire consequences against magical beings. They won and banished the vicious fae to another realm. Now, after years of waiting, the fae and the paranormal descendants they left behind in the human world are ready to rise again.

When Cassidy Wright envisioned how her life would change as a newly divorced, single mom of 40, learning to navigate a treacherous world filled with monsters and magic wasn’t what she had in mind. She had no idea supernatural creatures or magic even existed until she inherited her late mother’s cabin in the heart of Silvery Pines, Colorado.

Now, Cassidy’s seeing things she never believed possible: vampires, shifters, and a haunting power within herself. And as the banished fae, now known as The Watchers, return to seek revenge on the human world, Cassidy’s newfound abilities make her the target of their series of deadly games.

Let the games begin…