I’m beyond words thrilled to have you here! It doesn’t matter to me if you found your way to my brand spanking new author website from some crazed marathon of internet browsing (those can be such fun, right?), a friend invited you, or I invited you via email.

Please don’t be put off by the scarcity of books at the moment. There will be plenty more as soon as I finish writing them. A few are already finished, and a couple are awaiting my finishing touches before sending to my amazing editor. My husband has carefully complained that he hardly ever sees me anymore. I’m always at my computer punching out the stories. Don’t worry, though. I make it up to him every chance I get. In fact, tonight he’ll be getting as many helpings as he wants of my lasagna, which is his favorite!

Well, now that you’ve read this little welcome, where should you go next? I recommend the About page. Whether you stumbled upon my site or already know me, there is always more to learn.

Of course, I hope you took advantage of my FREE Prequel offer. Once you have that, why not mosey on over to Book One of my series, Game of Vampires: Winterball, to pre-order a copy before you forget?

Finally, don’t forget to check back often since I have grand plans to add lots and lots to my website as soon as possible.